Sister Barbara Jefferson - Pro Tem, Steward Board
Sister Juanita Freeman - Pastor's Aid 
Brother Cleman "Skip" Thompson - Pro Tem, Trustee Board
Brother Matthew Mitchell - President Men's Choir
Sister Carol Redding - President, Women's Missionary Society
Sister Anaya Tyler - YPD President
Sister Sydney Williams - President, Lay Organization
Cmdr. Brownell Payne, MD - American Legion Post #109
Brother Brent Jones - Minister of Music                                    Brother, Dr. Ricci Jones - Youth and Children's Director 
Sister Lillie Harvey - President, Voices of the Temple Choir
Sister Effie McSweaney - President, Women's Choir
Mother Shiela Fair - President, Stewardess/Deaconess Board
Sister Patricia Bennett - Church Treasurer
Brother Fred Thomas, III - Media Ministry